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Divi Courses & Membership for

Designers. Developers. DIYers.

Take your Divi websites to the next level.


What is the Club?

Would you like awesome, exclusive Divi tools and resources each and every week?

Divi Academy Membership is an exclusive members only club for Divi Theme users where you get access to a new resource to use in your business each and every week.

A resource could be a layout, child theme, live training, article, tutorial or a mini course. Each week is different.

If you like Divi Soup, you’ll love this!

Live Training

Member’s only LIVE Q&As and training webinars with your host, Michelle Nunan

Exclusive Content

Tools, tutorials, layouts and child themes you can’t get on Divi Soup or anywhere else

Member Perks

Exclusive discounts on Divi Soup products for Club Members

What’s inside?

Here is a small sample of the latest content inside The Club

Need a second opinion?

Don’t take our word for it, of course we think we’re awesome!

But so do our lovely members, here’s what some of them think…

“Michelle Nunan has created an amazing Divi resource including the best Club Membership I am proud to be a part of. With excellent Divi tutorials, layouts, plugins, child themes, training courses and excellent support from Shay Mann, I highly recommend you join the Community now and get instant access to all the fabulous club resources.”


Amy Valentine

Club Member

“Michelle Nunan and her team are fantastic. Lots of tips and tricks, feedback, support and help. Michelle is always coming up with great ideas and designs. I am a member of the Divi academy and would definitely recommend the courses. The membership is invaluable and I use lots of the resources on different projects. A great community too. Thank you, Michelle Nunan.”


Janice Grant

Club Member

“Michelle has been awesome even BEFORE she dreamed up the Divi Academy. But, the Divi Academy became a great place to get training (I have taken both courses and recommend them), a great place for resources, discounts (I recommend that you support some of the people she has connected with) AND a great place to meet new people. FIVE STARS FOR SURE.”


Tom Hartley

Club Member

“Million, million thanks for the inspiring, detailed and very helpful stuff Michelle provides us. Great childthemes, brilliant ideas and superb solutions. I suggest every Divi or WordPress fans to join also Divi Academy. Awesome resources, trainings and community for peanuts.”


Ferenc Sárosi

Club Member

“Michelle is one of those people who always overdelivers and offers fantastic value for money. I’m a member of the club where new resources are released every week so I’m always learning and being inspired to try new things. Thanks Divi Soup team!”


Lucy Jane Davies

Club Member

“First Class content and resources from Michelle at Divi Soup. The Divi Academy Club is awesome with new Divi layouts, Child Themes, Resources and Training appearing each week and all much better than a lot of highly priced alternatives featured on some Divi theme third-party marketplaces. Keep up the fantastic work Michelle.”


Martin Wilson

Club Member

What really sets us apart from other Divi memberships is that we don’t repurpose content.

Other Divi memberships are mostly made up of content you can already purchase from their stores, or even download for free.

But with The Club, absolutely everything inside is unique and exclusive and you can’t get it anywhere else, even on Divi Soup!

Our Courses

Divi Academy courses are designed to help you uplevel your skills and take your Divi websites to the next level.

Each one of our courses is laser focused on a specific subject, with bite-sized lessons that build on the one before and teach you only what you need to know, with no extra fluff.

Lifetime Access

Including any updates and additional modules

Live Webinars

Where you can ask questions and get issues solved

Facebook Group

Private community where you can interact with other students

Bonus Course Material

Tools and resources to speed your learning

Direct Email Access

Email our team anytime for help and support

Closed captions

Professionally created closed captions on all core course videos

Learn the basics

If you want your Divi sites to look less, well… Divi, then CSS is a must!

CSS & Divi Beginner Course

If you are tired of all your Divi sites looking the same and copy/pasting CSS snippets you don’t really understand, then this course is for you.

Starting with the basics of CSS and gradually working through the most commonly used properties, this course will give you a solid understanding of not only how to write CSS, but also how to use it effectively so you can take your Divi designs to the next level.

Here’s what our CSS Course students think…

“Michelle’s course delivered and then some! I know of many places online to learn CSS, I know of only one person that will have you master it in a very short time. The course is structured and most importantly, very well taught. Sign up, have a glass of red wine ready, and dig in!”

Anton Vann

Course Student

“My second course with Michelle. I was tired just copying and pasting snippets without any knowledge of what was going on. Yes, all the basics we can “Google it”. Michelle, however, has a unique gift to hold valuable information logically into small sections so as to understand everything.”

Deana Zelinova

Course Student

“The course is broken down into digestible parts. This is extremely important considering the amount of information that is packed into the sections. CSS can be frustrating for the novice and even rough on the experienced. This class pulls it together in a logical and clear cut manner.”

Kolleen Shallcross

Course Student

Earn a side income

Put your design skills to use creating and selling premium Divi child themes

Divi Child Theme Course

If you heard the Divi child theme market is dead, you heard wrong!

I still make a very healthy income from selling premium child themes and you can too, with the right guidance.

This course will teach you the mechanics of building and selling premium child themes from start to finish, including planning, structure, testing, packaging, selling and supporting your themes so you can earn more, doing exactly what you love.

Here’s what our Child Theme Course students think…

“I am very grateful for this course. It gives me great motivation to work on my child themes. Everything was easy to follow and Michelle is a fantastic teacher. The Facebook Group is also a large dose of knowledge and motivation. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who needs a small push and a whole lot of support to get started.”

Ania Romańska

Course Student

I was intrigued when I first saw a notice about Michelle’s child theme course, and decided to go for it. In the first year since taking the course, I have made $20,000 from the sale of my child themes. I am thankful every day that I took this course, as it has paid for itself many, many times over, and I am now able to spend my time doing something I really enjoy.”

Joan Donogh

Course Student

“I invested right away, and it has been well worth it! This course has given me everything I’ve needed from the beginning stages of figuring out my niche all the way to how to handle support and updates. Each module in the course is clear and concise and Michelle guides you through the steps from start to finish using a demo of her own child theme.”

Brittney Lopez

Course Student

Share your knowledge

Coming July 2018!

Build a Learning Platform with Divi & LifterLMS

Have a Course or Membership site idea you want to share with the world but overwhelmed with the technology and choices?

This course will teach you how to structure, plan and build your learning platform using Divi & LifterLMS in the shortest time possible, so you can start making money right away!

If you want to own your platform and revenue, using a WordPress framework that’s intuitive and user friendly, combined with a learning management system that’s robust and will grow with you, then this course is for you!

Here’s what our Divi & LifterLMS Beta Course students think…

“Michelle is a natural teacher and a great community leader and her courses are well planned and logically structured. Michelle’s training is comprehensive and her generous nature means that the support and resources provided are top notch. By the time you have completed any of Michelle’s training you will have a solid understanding of the subject matter. The LifterLMS course is no exception, if you are looking to use this platform for yourself or clients, then I highly and confidently recommend this course.”

Amanda Sidebotham

Course Student

“Once again Michelle has created a course that gently took me through the process of learning what would otherwise be a daunting project. As with the other courses I have taken from Michelle the content is well thought out and executed in a way that clearly explains the process. After completing the course the information provides a great reference to go back to and refresh my memory. Any course Michelle has done is well worth the investment of time and money. She is the real deal!”

Maureen Denny

Course Student

“Many people want to sell an online course, but the technical aspects of doing so are daunting, even to an experienced designer. Michelle is one of the best online trainers I have experienced – she thinks of everything, and she systematically takes you through the process of setting up WordPress, Divi and LifterLMS, and all of the things you need to think about to set it up to meet your requirements. This will save you countless hours in development time, and allow you to get your course out to the world much faster.”

Joan Donogh

Course Student

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